05 June 2012

Plan of Action

As previously mentioned in my opening statement, I feel that I have an opportunity to add to the current early retirement/financial independence/personal finance blogosphere despite what may seem like an overload of the field. Every blog I've read so far links to a dozen more and I personally have stopped with around twenty financial blogs that I follow in my feeds. As you can probably imagine, my feed builds up a backlog if I don't check for a day or two, resulting in much time being spent trying to catch up. Admittedly, I don't always read everything. Some doesn't really apply to me or I just don't find it to be in my interest.

With all that being said, I feel that most financial advice being put forth both in mainstream press and many of the blogs implicitly speaks to the more affluent than to the lower ends of society. Now admittedly, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Forbes, etc. get funding from advertisers looking to sell wares and/or services to affluent customers. No one is really expecting them to write a piece on how a single mother working at a fast food restaurant can save for their child(ren)'s college and their retirement. At the same time, there's little arguing that they are the ones most in need of that sort of information. Yet, if the major publications won't cater to them (and other similar demographics), who will? That is the gap I am hoping to provide some coverage to.

Volumes have literally been written on poverty and how to get out of it. Billions (trillions, even?) have been thrown at anti-poverty programs to get people out of poverty and billions more have been spent by those in poverty in an attempt to get out of poverty. Yet, poverty continues virtually unabated. So what exactly can be done to help those in poverty help themselves out of poverty and what do we do about those who prefer poverty? How do we even define poverty? Those are all concerns that I intend to address in future posts, so I hope to find an audience willing to read my musings, both among the poor who are seeking to help themselves as well as among people who are intending to run programs intending to reach the poor.

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