04 September 2012


Denver at night.
This upcoming weekend, Denver will be hosting the 2012 Financial Blogger Conference, aka FinCon12. Despite the name, more than just bloggers are invited, though tickets are now all sold out for real life attendance. Virtual attendance is still possible, where they'll send you a video of all presentations as well as the speakers' slides. I plan to attend virtually because I was unable to get the time off work and also didn't quite have the money at the moment to make the trip. Several of the bloggers I follow will be there presenting, including Paula from AffordAnything, both Mr. Money Mustache and Len Penzo, and several others. Bloggers I don't follow for one reason or another will also be there. I'm sure all the information will be good and relevant somehow, so I'm looking forward to it and I am planning right now to attend FinCon13, wherever it may be held. If you're unable to purchase a virtual attendance, I would encourage you to at least look at the list of speakers and check out as many of their sites as possible. I can't imagine that they would have some completely phenomenal information in their hands at the conference that isn't already being imparted in their sites already, so don't sweat missing this year's conference. Just make plans to attend next year's like I already have. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to put off getting started with your financial plan until then--do that today!

Picture from NASA Earth Observatory.

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