26 November 2012

Open Enrollment Season is Closing

Keep your money in good health by making
sure your health plan is up-to-date.
Hey, so for my American readers, November happens to be that time! Those of you with an employer-sponsored/provided health plan have this month, which is fast vanishing, to sign up for or make changes for your plans for the next year. You have all of one week left to get it done. If you have Medicare, you have slightly longer, but don't wait until the last day to saunter into the office!

 If you've had life changes, it becomes really important to not miss it. You could be in for some nasty and expensive shocks. Now some of you may be wondering why the bother, but it appears as if the world will not be ending in anytime soon for the vast majority of us. Therefore, getting the health insurance thing figured out is prudent. Just in case.

Picture sourced from 401(K) 2012.

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