07 December 2012

Considering College: New Series

This might be my most expensive possession.
College. It's a hot topic in modern society and right now is right in the middle of application season. In addition to wondering whether to go or not, you must take a whole battery of standardized tests. Just in case. But in case of what, you not going? You weren't seriously considering not going, were you? College is a magic pill that solves all of life's problems. Or so the story goes.

Over the next couple months, I'm going to hit on college-related topics in no particular order at all. Should you go? How to pay if you go. Where to go. What to study. How to structure your life to make the most of your time. Why you need an internship. Where to intern. The list goes on. I'm sure we'll find plenty to talk about over the next couple months.

Since I recently finished college, I feel as if I have a view of the whole process that you just don't find in most mainstream publications because they're all written by people who haven't set foot in a classroom in at least five years. Decades might not be an exaggeration for some. Although they studied journalism at some prestigious (or maybe not so much) school and now ask people questions, they or their editorial staff fail to recognize fundamental issues at ground level, so they conform to the "normal" path. Or maybe I'm just crazy.

I also feel that as someone who transferred and attended multiple colleges, I can better speak to the college experience based on the reality that faces many people in the modern era: attendance at more than one school (i.e. no "alma mater") for more than the "traditional" four years. These people live profoundly different lives than the cliché often portrayed in movies, TV shows, and even reading material of the freshman who:
  1. Goes away to their first "choice" college straight out of high school.
  2. Has parents who are resignedly eager to pay for their education.
  3. Hardest decision on registration day is the 19- or 21-a-week meal plan.
So with all this in mind, be on the lookout for future posts as they appear. Again, there's no particular order for them (at the moment), I'll just hit on the topics as I think of them and get them researched. Hopefully before application season ends. Ciao.

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