22 February 2013


Well folks, despite my languishing on all the writing I mean to be doing, I've thought up yet another new series. I feel as if this one is especially important, though a big problem is getting the intended audience that most needs to see it to do just that. Nevertheless, there's not a chance it will get seen if I don't even publish it at all. So here we are.

Whether it's called the 'hood, the barrio, the ghetto, the slum, or any other related name, life in these so-called 'blighted' areas is often far more perilous than the life presented in the 'American Dream' and is almost completely off the radar of most financial bloggers as well. I suspect that many of them don't live very near, or at least don't frequently travel through, such areas. As such, the various traps in the trap continue to lay waste to millions, sometimes for several generations.

The problems encountered consist of far more than just a daily latté, though for some, that may very well be a part of their issue. Though I am not living below the poverty line, I personally know some people who are or only slightly above it. While MMM has shown that poverty-level life doesn't have to be miserable, most of these persons lack that knowledge. At best. And they're far from alone. Many other money woes also plague the less-fortunate in ways that the privileged often have no idea even exist.

Of course, I'm not an 'expert' on this subject. Though we've had some tight times in the past, I don't think my family has ever actually dipped below the poverty level. Still, we have fallen prey to other situations that often ensnare millions in a spiral that holds them down for years, or even their entire lives. So I feel that I can speak to the issue with some level of knowledge.

Most of what I have seen concerning the subject has been observed in various cities around Southern California. I live in the western portion of San Bernardino County, but I get out to Los Angeles often enough to be able to recognize the problems there too. I've also seen them in my travels that have crisscrossed the country. So the nuances may vary, but the underlying principles are the same nationwide.

So over the next couple however long it takes to finish this (read: possibly never), I'll be presenting traps that I've yet to see really addressed that predominately affect the poorest among us. As they say, knowledge is power, so pointing them out to be recognized is the first step for those who would like to improve to do just that. Though I've gone with 'Hoodwinked' as a title and most of my observation has been in an area that some might consider to be 'the hood', the setbacks affect many who live outside of such an area. Trailer parks spring immediately to mind, as do many other tonier parts of towns all over America.

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