22 March 2013

Considering College: Go or No?

As previously mentioned, college is all the rage these days. But, several questions need to be answered before you run down to give all your money to the first institution claiming to give out a 'degree'. The first and most important question that must be answered is should you even go at all? Looking all around, one can easily get the idea that college is now mandatory. We're often told that not going to college means you're a failure.

Where do I sign up?!
However, don't make the decision based solely on what society is telling you. Not going to college doesn't have to mean a life of misery   and poverty. Plenty people who have a bachelor's degree (or higher) still got laid off during the Great Recession and ended up on food stamps.

In light of that, it's no surprise that several prominent figures in our society didn't finish college. However, it's also worth noting that they dropped out of college. In other words, they started college, presumably with the ambition to finish, but found a profitable venture that dragged them away. Despite all that, I still would recommend going, though with some very heavy qualifications due to changing market conditions.

Most importantly, even though I think you should go to college, your parents might be expecting you to go to college, and society thinks you will, it doesn't mean that you need to sign up at the most expensive place. There are plenty other options available for getting college knowledge that don't require a sackful of cash or a mortgage worth of student loans.

This time of year is high time for college preparations in families all across the country. Visiting campuses, figuring out 'financial aid', wrapping up the high school transcript on a good note. However, if that is not an accurate description of your spring, you still have other options. Maybe your high school transcript isn't "good". Or perhaps, you didn't get accepted to the school you wanted. You might have run into a financing issue. All are issues, but they shouldn't be insurmountable. In future discussions, we can look at what to do in those situations and more. Until then, keep calm and study on.

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