06 March 2013

Hump Day Herald

Fun fact: this is the largest architectural use of
stainless steel in the world.
Ok, so there will be no haiku today on account of my laziness. Also, I kind of like how that title sounds. Not that there was necessarily anything wrong with Hump Day Haiku either. It's just that this one flows a bit better, at least IMHO. (I usually like alliteration anyway.)

Anyway, moving on to what we're heralding: FinCon13! Anime geeks have ComiCon, PF geeks have FinCon. If you may recall, I had hoped to virtually 'attend' FinCon12, but that ended up not happening. So when the FinCon13 information popped up in my Facebook newsfeed yesterday morning, I wasted no time in getting over to order my tickets and putting in my request for vacation time. That's a hot commodity lately, I certainly don't want to be left unable to attend again. Here go the meaty bits.

What it is: Financial Blogger's Conference, 2013

Where: Gateway City, aka St. Louis, MO.

When: October 17-20, 2013.

Cost: $99 (+ about $3 in fees) for the next 15 or so hours, $179 thereafter.

For: Financial bloggers, or anyone interested in becoming a (PF) blogger, anyone connected with personal finance, anyone wanting to improve their own finances, etc.

If you buy a ticket then decide for whatever reason that attendance just isn't feasible, tickets are transferable! I understand that that can be done through the Eventbrite website, though I'm not sure on all the details. But that is a recourse available in case your situation changes between purchase time and conference time.

Yours truly will be there, though I definitely have no plans of presenting. I intend to just focus more on mingling and absorbing information. Maybe at a future gathering, I will take the mic. But for now, that time will have to wait. Au revoir!

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