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Riding the lifts.
Hi, my name is Marven, and I'm a debtaholic.

"Hi Marven!"

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, I guess I can share a couple things with you. This blog is here to document my journey/struggle to rid myself of my debt load and eventually "retire" early. I hope that I can help inspire others (you!) who are in a similar situation and just want it to end. Keep calm and carry on! It can and will get better.

Here, I'll be sharing experiences I've had, opportunities I've wasted, and tips I learn to help the transformation from being debtor to debt-free and eventually accumulating the funds for FIRE. I also hope that I can be a guide for young people of what not to do as you graduate high school and enter young adulthood. With the clarity of 20/20 hindsight, my story is a valuable lesson. Read it and heed it!

Oh, one more thing! I do other things besides talk about money. Check out my  blogs, though I admit that I don't post on them as frequently.

Marven's Musings - General and random thoughts on whatever catches my fancy
Flight [B]log - Learning to fly has always been a goal of mine. Follow along as I master the friendly skies.
Political Ponderings - A potentially scary place, I have some interesting thoughts and beliefs on certain topics.

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